Sep 12, 2019
Peter Scott
District Governor Peter Scott to present the District's vision for the year

Peter looks forward to leading your customer-service-driven District 5790 team throughout 2019-2020.  Our only goal is to provide whatever assistance our District can muster so that your club can grow in strength, relevance and vibrancy.  Peter and Lynn wish everyone a wonderful and productive year of service, and are truly committed to helping all clubs achieve their greatest goals.  Rotary Connects the World!

Peter is a long-time Arlington resident who began his professional career as a Financial Advisor for Edward Jones in Cleburne in 1983, where he was a member of the Rotary Club of Cleburne.  He became a Partner at Edward Jones in 1986.  Although he retired in November 2016, Peter remains a Limited Partner of the firm.  Peter married Lynn in 1985 just prior to her graduation from the University of Texas School of Law.  The Scotts moved from Cleburne to Arlington in 1988, where daughter Kristin was born in 1990 and son Joseph was born in 1992.  Grandson Hudson joined the family on his mother Kristin’s birthday in January of 2018, making Peter the proudest grandfather ever!